Is it time to go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and burnt-out, to inspired and on fire?

This is for you if you are...

A self-motivated action taker.

Prepared to dive-deep and to identify and reframe the limiting beliefs, stories and thoughts that are holding you back.

Are overwhelmed, overworked, undervalued and are looking to develop a plan of action and learn new strategies to create success with ease and flow.

Ready to gain a clearer sense of purpose and direction

Playing small and still holding back from reaching your full potential and you're ready to show up as the woman you need to be in order to create the life you truly desire.

You're ready to create rapid growth and results in all areas of your life.

The True To You 1:1 VIP Luxury Intensive day

A fully immersive, bespoke, powerful and transformative experience designed to rapidly accelerate your business and life. Set by the beautiful coast of Bournemouth UK.

**Intensive days are also available via Skype

This powerful day is a totally holistic experience. All areas of our lives are inter-connected and impact each other in some way, so even if you have a specific area that you wish to focus on, expect to dive deep into all areas.


We’ll be tuning-in and aligning with both your hearts desires and your core-desired feelings to create a magical plan of action.


You’ll develop unstoppable confidence, incredible focus and will break down the blocks that are currently holding you back.


Whatever success means to you, whether that’s escaping the dead-end job to build the business of your dreams, set up a charity for building schools in Africa or becoming the most inspirational beautiful mother you can possibly be, everything is possible.


We’ll expand your vision and design a life that truly lights you up.

Your VIP Intensive Day Includes:


  • A beautiful day set in luxury surroundings with drinks, snacks and lunch included.


  • A 90-minute follow up intensive session via Skype to be taken within 3 months of the intensive day.


  • Clarity of your vision with 3,6, and 12 month goals to pursue


  • A 360 look at your business and life. We'll deep-dive into your purpose, mission and values in order to create an aligned action plan that sets your soul in fire.


  • All workbooks and resources as needed both on the day and during the 3 months following.


  • Your VIP day is bespoke but areas that you may wish to work on may include, money mindset, business development and growth, time-management, productivity, lifestyle planning and relationships.

Your VIP intensive day will be tailored to you and be a totally immersive, transformative experience.

Investment: £1200

To book, please enquire using the contact form