Your metabolism has a huge bearing on your ability to lose weight, but if you’re putting your difficulty in shifting the pounds down to your genes, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re not stuck with it and there’s plenty of ways you can speed it up.

The higher your metabolic rate is, the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off. Train it right, and you’ll be able to speed it up so that you burn extra calories even when you’re chilling out doing nothing.

So here’s 8 great ways to speed your metabolism in no time at all…

1. Kick it up a notch

If you don’t like running, you don’t need to be spending hours on end on the treadmill to lose weight. There is a far iStock_000036458270Smalleasier and quicker way to do it.

Interval training can burn up to 50% more calories in half the time. By varying your intensity and speeds, you not only burn calories whilst training, but it also produces an ‘after burn’ effect, whereby your metabolism keeps burning extra calories for many hours afterwards.

There’s lots of ways to do it, for example, you could jog for 3 minutes at a low-medium intensity, then run for a 60 seconds at a high intensity and repeat the sequence five times for a 20-minute workout.

Whether you’re walking, running, rowing, swimming, or on the cross-trainer or bike, it all works in exactly the same way; just crank up the intensity in regular bursts.


2. Eat throughout the day

A common misconception of people trying to lose weight, is that snacking is bad and makes you fat.  Whilst admittedly, snacking on biscuits, sweets and crisps all day is likely to pile on the pounds in no time; grazing on healthy, balanced snacks will actually speed up your metabolism, balance your blood-sugar levels and help to curb cravings.

There’s no need to eat more calories, just split your daily intake into six small meals, rather than three.


3. Flex those muscles

Muscle uses more energy than fat. So if you increase your muscle through strength training, you’ll improve your metabolism and end up burning more calories throughout the day, even at rest. Just 30-40 minutes strength training, twice a week will do just the trick.


4. Turn to (green) tea

Green tea has many health benefits and is packed full of powerful antioxidants, but did you know that it can also help you to lose weight? Catechin, the active ingredient found in Green tea, has been found to speed up the metabolism and improve fat oxidation.

Studies have shown that drinking just five cups of green tea can help you to burn a whopping 90 calories extra a day.


5. Break the fast…

Breakfast does what it says on the tin, it literally ‘breaks’ the overnight ‘fast’. It’s the first opportunity that you have in the day to kick-start your metabolism and set yourself up to be a fat-burning machine for the rest of the day. A healthy, balanced breakfast not only makes you healthier and gives you an abundance of energy, but contrary to popular belief, it actually helps you lose weight.

In contrast, not eating breakfast, results in a slower metabolism. It can also increase your body’s insulin response, which in turn, increases fat storage and weight gain. Throw in the likelihood that by mid-morning you’ll probably be starving and reaching for the biscuit tin and you can easily see why breakfast could be the single most important thing you do if you want to lose weight and keep it off. 


6. Up your protein

Our bodies digest protein at a much slower rate than fat or carbs. For this reason, it uses more calories to digest and absorb the nutrients, leaving you feeling fuller for longer and keeping hunger at bay.

In addition to this, protein helps you to build and preserve muscle mass, which naturally burns more calories too.  


7. Have a coffee break

Caffeine has a fantastic ability to boost the metabolism and sends signals to the central nervous system telling it to break down fat cells. It also contains some powerful antioxidants, releases dopamine (the happy hormone), enhances exercise performance and provides some real health benefits.

Remember though, too much coffee will affect your blood sugar levels and have you reaching for the biscuits as well. So try to limit yourself to just one or two cups a day.


8. Go organic when you can

Toxicity is a huge hidden cause of weight-loss resistance. The build-up of pesticides from conventionally grown fruit and vegetables, called obesogen’s, are linked to altering the metabolism and predisposing some people to weight gain. Research has found that the higher the level of pesticides in your body, the larger your waist measurement and BMI usually is.

Obesogen’s aren’t just found on our fruit and vegetables, but are also found in farm-raised meat and fish. Some farm-raised salmon has been found to contain 90% more pesticides than wild salmon!

So always think about the quality when buying your food. Where possible, try to buy good quality, organic food as your body and weight will thank you for it. 


With love as always, 




Take action:

What changes will you add to your lifestyle and diet today to speed up your metabolism? Do you have any other great ways that work for you? 

As always, please share in the comments below as we love to hear from you and you never know who you might just be inspiring in the process…




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