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Be Happier, Be Healthier, Be You!

Armed with some fantastic tools and strategies, it’s my aim to enable you to break free from a lifetime of roller-coaster dieting, gain control of emotional eating and to develop a healthy relationship with food again. Put simply, to empower you to take charge of your health, and to look and feel amazing both inside and out!

Through carefully structured programs, I’ll help you to set clearly defined goals and develop the motivation needed to take massive inspired action, break free from limiting beliefs and behaviours, and develop new habits for permanent success. Find out more

“Geri has such an infectious passion for real food, nutrition and making weight-loss fun, that you can’t help but become inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle. She gets you to question all that you’ve been taught before and shows you why you need to think differently”. –Rosie Chapman

“If you’re done with calorie counting, diet crazes and being told what you can and can’t eat, then Geri will help you change your way of living and eating in a refreshingly fun and simple way”. –Vanessa Shale

“This is what we’ve been waiting for; someone who finally gives no-nonsense, practical advice about real food. But perhaps more importantly, she understands that dieting is an inside job and has a fabulous way of taking you on a journey from despair to success.”-Christine Taylor

“Now I know what my ‘centre point’ is. Now I know how I’m meant to feel. I’d been accepting feeling tired and bloated as normal for so many years, I had absolutely no idea how great I was supposed to feel” – Steve Harrison

“I can’t recommend Geri enough. She’s so caring and understanding, but there’s no way you go to her with excuses because she’ll see right through them and make you accountable. She was constantly on my case, pushing me, picking me up whenever I was down, and always being there through the tears and smiles. I finally have a body that I’m proud of, but even better I’ve more confidence than I’ve ever had in my life”. - Nicola Whiteman

“Geri breaks through all the confusion out there and shows you how ditching the diets, changing your mindset and lifestyle are the real keys to losing weight” - Mary Richardson

“When I made the decision to turn away from a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits, I worked with Geri to start really changing how I thought about food. The one thing that really stuck with me was when she said that once I stopped eating processed food, I’d eventually not crave it at all. With a weakness for pizza, chocolate and biscuits, I was extremely skeptical, but I’m so glad I took her advice, it was all so true.” - Paul Jones

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I didn’t know what I was capable of until I started working with you. Not only am I slimmer, fitter and happier but I also got a new job and boyfriend into the bargain!” – Louisa Brown

“Geri transformed my life when she recognised an intolerance within my diet at the time. With her knowledge, help and ongoing support, I not only lost weight but felt incredible and healthy as well.” - Jo lambert

“Geri was always there for me. She was my friend as well as my coach. At our weekly sessions, she always had time to listen. I always felt like the most important person in the world. Every time I felt like giving up, she was right there getting me back on track.” – Becky Fisher

"Geri gets you to put your health at top of your priority list.” – Fay Arrowsmith

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With the right tools and support, you can have the body, energy and confidence that comes from living a life that’s natural, vibrant and wholesome.

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